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Three tips to enhance your gambling luck in 2024 using fengshui

Written by: HoRod



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Using fengshui

Incorporating feng shui principles into gambling practices is a belief held by some individuals who believe that arranging their environment in certain ways can influence luck and increase their chances of winning.

💡 Did you know

Using feng shui for good gambling luck involves creating a harmonious and balanced environment that is believed to attract positive energy and enhance the chances of winning.

Using lucky Fengshui charm

1 Fengshui Wealth Pixiu

  • "If one's gambling luck is not good, they can persist in wearing some auspicious ornaments, which can effectively enhance their luck. People with poor gambling luck can wear a gourd pendant. The mouth of the gourd is very small while the belly is large, allowing it to absorb all the gloomy energy into the abdomen and then thoroughly digest and eliminate it. Of course, more importantly, it can also attract vigorous wealth energy, thereby boosting the owner's financial fortune."

😍Choose the Right Hand: Traditionally, it is recommended to wear the Pixiu bracelet on the left hand, which is considered the receptive hand that absorbs wealth energy. However, some sources also suggest wearing it on the dominant hand for those who are right-handed.

Wulu(calabash) Pendant

In feng shui, the calabash, also known as the gourd or bottle gourd, is indeed considered a symbol of protection and good luck. It is often used as a feng shui cure to ward off negative energy, promote health, and invite prosperity into the home.

The calabash is associated with the concept of "wu lou" in feng shui, which represents health, longevity, and good fortune. Its shape is believed to resemble the human body and is said to have the ability to absorb negative energy, making it a popular feng shui remedy for neutralizing harmful influences.

Placing a calabash in your home, especially in areas prone to negative energy or illness, is thought to bring about positive changes and safeguard against misfortune. It's typically recommended to display the calabash in the bedroom or the health area (based on the Bagua map) of your home to enhance its beneficial effects.

"Feng shui ornaments"

Fengshui Money Tree

Using Tips :

A Feng Shui money tree is a popular symbol in Feng Shui practices believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. It typically consists of a small tree with lush, green leaves and a braided trunk, often made from a species of plant called Pachira aquatica. The tree is commonly placed in homes, offices, or businesses to enhance financial luck and abundance.


pay attention to feng shui ornament issues. You can place feng shui mascots in the wealth position of your home, which can effectively stimulate fortune. Also, carefully arrange and clean these positions, and never accumulate too much clutter or garbage here. It's best to move the bed here, or spend a long time in the wealth position when eating, chatting, or playing. Feng shui ornaments like Pixiu can be placed in the wealth position, and you can also hang ancient coins of the Five Emperors. This can improve your financial luck more and more. In this way, the chances of winning money naturally increase every time you play cards..

Fengshui :

By addressing feng shui issues and making adjustments to promote positive energy flow, you can create a more balanced and harmonious environment that supports your well-being and goals.


  • If your gambling luck isn't good, it may be because of poor feng shui encountered each time you play cards. When playing, it's best to sit in your wealth position to bless yourself with big wins. Avoid sitting near the toilet or bathroom while playing cards because the atmosphere there is often filled with stagnant and negative energy, which can bring bad luck and make it difficult to win money.

    At the same time, avoid sitting with your back facing the door or window while playing cards. This position can make you feel unsettled and distracted, making it challenging to focus on the game. Additionally, your luck may deteriorate, leading to consecutive losses and making your situation particularly difficult.