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Pink Crystal Charm Pixiu Bracelet

Positive Energy• Good Vibes Wealth  Healing and Transformation

Break free of the stress and misery and create a shield of joyful vibes with this Wealth Pixiu Charm in Natural Pink Crystal Bracelet. Pink Crystal has been known to be a powerful crystal that creates positive vibrations by transforming it from harmful and unwanted energy. Accented with Pixiu charm. Pixiu is believed to possess mystical power capable of drawing wealth from anywhere. It does not have an anus, which signifies money that rolls in will not be able to flow out. In addition, Pixiu is also capable of safeguarding its owner and helping its owner maintain fortune.

Pink crystal energy has a tendency to feel like a warm, gentle, loving hug for your heart. Calming, compassion-promoting, and very heart-healingpink crystals are the perfect choice for adding more love and kindness into your life

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