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Calabash for Feng Shui:

in Feng Shui, the Calabash has been used as a symbol of good health, longevity, prosperity, and abundance.

Many feng shui masters or practitioners used the natural dried gourd in dealing with feng shui sha qi while the metal gourd (e.g. brass and copper) is for health problems. Displaying a natural dried gourd or brass/copper gourd near the main entrance can bring peace, safety, and protection to the household.

symbol of Calabash:

  • Health
  • Longevity 
  • Fertility

Feng shui scholars say the shape of the calabash is a wonderful integration of Heaven, Earth, and Man.  It can also be suggested that the shape of a calabash is compared to an animal with a fat body and narrow throat which will trap bad qi so it is not able to escape out.

This indicates the calabash to be among the most appropriate objects to help to dissipate or ward off malicious influences. Displaying a calabash by the bed would maintain that the bad energy which could negatively affect health is kept away while the person is sleeping. Prevention is preferable to having to cure an illness!

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