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Zodiac Tiger 2021 Horoscope Predictions

Zodiac Tiger 2021 Horoscope Predictions

Year of Tiger:   1926、1938、1950、1962、1974、1986、1998、2010

A summary of the fortune of the tiger people in 2021

Tiger people enter the Xin Chou Year of 2021, and the lucky star "Sun" will come. For male tigers, it means that going out is expensive and fame and fortune are good; while females of tiger are less fortune. This year, regardless of men and women, the tigers will have red-luan star movements. For the tigers of marriageable age, they will be happy in marriage; while married people will prevent extramarital affairs from affecting the family and discord between husband and wife.

In terms of career, the Tigers will have more ups and downs in the 2021 Year of the Ox, with mixed luck and bad luck. Workers are prone to distractions due to personnel troubles or company changes. If you plan to change jobs, you can pay more attention to the lunar calendar in July, August and September. The chances of success are higher. . Personnel disputes are frequent in the Year of the Ox. Tigers born in autumn are especially stressed and have the hardest work. It is recommended that colleagues communicate more and try to maintain harmonious interpersonal relationships. Fortunately, there are still slight opportunities for promotion, especially those working in the disciplined services and creative industries will benefit the most. As long as the psychological preparation process is more difficult, you can face it positively.

Wealth fortune of the tiger people in 2021

In terms of wealth, tigers will have a good fortune in 2021, especially those who are in business are more advantageous. As long as they do their work by themselves, they can work and be successful, and their wealth is still good. However, if you move around frequently and are prone to troubles, it is recommended that tigers should pay attention to personnel disputes in the workplace this year. You can succeed with more communication and tolerance in everything. Tigers born in the spring can hardly perform their jobs and are easily upset. Fortunately, they still have the help of nobles. Business people can change their minds and go out more to bring prosperity. Tigers born in the summer have the smoothest overall fortune, and they are relatively promising. Tigers born in the fall have a mixed year, with high work pressure and prone to litigation. It is recommended to be careful when signing documents and contracts, and to avoid customers borrowing credit to avoid losses. Tigers born in winter are prone to pessimism. It is recommended to go out to consult teachers and friends to learn and absorb positive energy.


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