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Your Home Has Good Feng Shui?

Your Home Has Good Feng Shui?

1.Curb Appeal

The appearance of the house upon approach is pretty important. If the curb appeal is lacking, so will the energy of the home. 

  • How does the overall home look and feel to you? Your home should feel safe, friendly, and inviting. You should feel like it’s the right place for you.
  • How is the exterior of the home maintained? Ideally, the exterior, including greenery and driveway, are properly cared for. The paint, roof, and other parts of the building should be in good condition.
  • Was the home easy to find the first time you visited? If there were challenges, or it’s really hard to locate, this may not be ideal for your primary residence. If you got lost finding the home, so will the positive energy. 

The Neighborhood

The energy and well being of the neighborhood and community absolutely affects the feng shui of your home. Take some time to walk around and explore the areas around the home.

  • Do the neighbors appear to care for and keep their homes in good condition? If your neighbors keep their homes in disrepair it can similarly affect the qi (life force energy) of your home and therefore your prosperity.
  • Are the trees (and nature) in the community in good health? If the greenery is unhealthy, this will affect the wellness of the people in the neighborhood and the home.
  • Avoid homes adjacent to dilapidated buildings, empty lots, and cemeteries. They are very yin energy (without life). A home is a space for the living, so best to stay clear of homes very close to these types of spaces. Instead, surround your home with life rather than death.

3.Predecessor Energy

Everything that happens in a space creates energetic vibrations that get recorded in the walls. And it’s not just the walls, but also the land. 

If possible, research the history of the home, and see if there are patterns of negative life events. Some examples include untimely deaths, divorces, or health issues. It’s also helpful to look at the history of the property (land) if you can. The patterns of the home after time may also emerge into your life if you live there.

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