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What feng shui effect does gourd(Calabash) have? What are the taboos?

What feng shui effect does gourd(Calabash) have? What are the taboos?

The gourd(calabash) is the most commonly used auspicious thing in Feng Shui, and it is also one of the most primitive mascots of the Chinese nation. People often hang at the door to ward off evil spirits and recruit treasures. The gourd is the carrier of ancient culture and is an "easy to learn". But the folk skills that are difficult to master, the gourd can absorb bad luck from people, and can enhance people's good fortune.

Gourd is a common feng shui item. Because the curvilinear shape of the gourd is similar to the boundary between Tai Chi Yin and Yang, it has the function of isolating the gas field inside, and the shape has a small mouth and a big belly. It can store good luck as your own. The bad aura is absorbed. The use of feng shui hyacinth can have the effect of maintaining health and reducing evil. If the gourd is matched with the Five Emperors Money, its effect will be greatly enhanced. The gourd and the five emperor money are both feng shui supplies. The gourd absorbs evil spirits, and the five emperors money is used to transform the evil spirits. Together, you can directly match the five emperors money on the gourd, especially like the enlightened gourd, plus the Feng Shui type for a long time. With cooperation, the effect of transforming evil spirits is even greater.

  1. Recruiting wealth


The sound of the gourd is similar to that of "Fu Lu", and its round and curved shape looks quite blessed. With its small entrance and large belly, it seems to be able to absorb gold and silver jewelry. The ancients believed that it could drive away disasters and ward off evil spirits and pray for happiness. Since ancient times, it has been used as a mascot to attract wealth. It is hung on the position of wealth. When the gourd receives wealth, it is not easy to outflow, and the function of keeping wealth and gathering wealth is excellent.


  1. The town house turns evil


Because the gourd is a container with a big belly and a small mouth, and contains medicines, ancient gods used it to collect demons and lower demons, so that those demons and ghosts could enter or exit, and used drugs to fight poison with poison, thereby achieving the purpose of subduing the demons and ghosts and restoring peace in the world. Therefore, the gourd has an important function of suppressing evil in Feng Shui conditioning. Similarly, the gourd needs to be placed in the correct position to really play a role in feng shui conditioning. For example, it generally needs to be placed in a place with heavier evil spirits and placed against the evil

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