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Using Jade In Fengshui Bring Good Luck In Year Of 2021

Using Jade In Fengshui Bring Good Luck In Year Of 2021

Jade has always been loved by people.

The Chinese folk's statement that jade can avoid evil and protect safety means: According to legend, jade can emit a special luster, which is not easy to see during the day, and can illuminate the square garden at night.

This luster is the most feared by demons and monsters. So, the emperors of the past dynasties often held wats to demonstrate strictness and health, and common people also liked to wear jade for safety

Here are 5 Tips for using of Jade:

  1. Don't double wear jade


Unless they are a pair, such as earrings, bracelets and other jade, don't bring two at the same time. For example, don’t wear jade bracelets with jade necklaces.


If you have more than one jade jewelry, you can choose to wear it with different clothes on different occasions. Do not bring two or more at the same time.


  1. Don't let others touch your own jade


It is said that jade is spiritual, and it is your own jade when you wear it. In terms of feng shui, if your jade is touched by other people, it will be angry with others, and if his luck is not very good, your good luck will be taken away.


You can touch your loved ones' family members, but don't touch them often.


3 never leave the body for no reason


"A gentleman will never leave the body for no reason." Friends who have worn jade since childhood should not take it off for no special reason. New jade, don’t pick it up after wearing it for more than three months, let alone giving it away.


4, the jade that has been worn cannot be given away casually


Jade will recognize the master, that is, the jade you have brought is your jade, and the person who protects you is you. If it is given to others, it will not protect others. Moreover, there is a saying that the person wearing it will protect you from disasters.


5, the jade fragment is to protect the owner from disaster


I believe you will hear that in many serious accidents, people are all right but the jade is broken. The broken jade means it helps the owner to prevent disasters. If there is a fish tank in the house, put it in the fish tank. If you don’t have a fish tank in your home, you should wrap it in red paper (cloth) and bury it. This is called "burial jade." It's best to get another piece for yourself afterwards.


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