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Using Feng Shui Dragon Iamgery In Your Home 5 Tips

Using Feng Shui Dragon Iamgery In Your Home 5 Tips


In Feng Shui, the dragon symbolizes auspiciousness, authority, nobility, wealth, prosperity, good luck, wisdom, courage, harmony, balance, longevity, and health.

💡 Did you know

Placing dragon patterns in the home signifies that the dragon's power and glory will also be integrated into family life.The dragon can symbolize attracting benefactors and removing disputes and negative influences. Hanging a soaring dragon, the dragon's head should face inward rather than outward. Facing inward represents homage, while facing outward signifies an outward movement, implying a wandering heart. The dragon should be placed on the left side of the living room, not on the right.

Placement Of Dragon

1: Dragon loves water

  • Since dragons love water💧, they should be placed near a water source or in the northern direction⬆️, which belongs to water. Dragon-themed paintings are best framed in gold🖼️.
  • Remember, dragon figurines should not be placed in the bedroom🛏️, as the dragon's powerful and energetic image is not suitable for a place meant for rest and relaxation🙅🏻.
  • If there are more than two dragons in the decoration or painting, place one dragon in the middle as the main character🐲. This way, there won't be any conflict due to "too many chiefs" leading to unrest in the home👌🏻.
  • Also, avoid placing tigers and dragons together🐅, as this can trigger a "battle between dragon and tiger"🐲🐯, leading to a symbol of conflict.
dragon placement

😍 Dragons should be placed near water sources, such as fish tanks. If there is water outside the window or balcony, it's better to position the dragon with its head facing outward. If there's no water source nearby, placing it in the north is preferable.

2: The color of the dragon can be determined based on the homeowner's Five Elements.

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Tip 3:

"Do not place dragon ornaments in front of a sewage ditch in a residence. Doing so may have the opposite effect."

Tip 4: 

"Dragons should not face towards the bedroom. Dragons represent fierceness, so they are generally not facing the bedroom. Especially for some dragons with red eyes, they should not face towards the bed or children's bedrooms, as it may cause fright."

Five Elements fengshui
Dragons can suppress evil spirits and counteract negative influences."

"In modern Feng Shui,

 dragons are used as Feng Shui objects to ward off evil spirits and counteract negative influences. Placing a dragon in the Azure Dragon position of a home can help eliminate conflicts and prevent disputes. If the White Tiger position of the home has excessive negative energy, it is also suitable to place an auspicious dragon in the Azure Dragon position to neutralize the harmful effects of the White Tiger. If there is a shortage of male members in the household or when there is an imbalance between Yin and Yang energies due to an excess of female members or excessive Yin energy in the home, placing a dragon can enhance Yang energy."


"Although the dragon is an auspicious creature, it is also a suppressive object. Due to its fierceness, it should not be placed in the bedroom, which differs from the Qilin."

  • If the house is located in a cul-de-sac where the luck cannot unfold, three Azure Dragons can be placed on the Azure Dragon side of the home to dissolve the Sha Qi.
  • Prevention against hidden enemies: When there is a risk of being targeted by enemies, an Azure Dragon can be placed on the left front corner of the desk to suppress the enemies!
  • Attracting benefactors: It helps with promotion or smooth career advancement.
  • Neutralizing the oppressive Qi of the White Tiger side: If there is high pressure or protrusions on the right side of the house, or if the White Tiger side is too wide or prominent, or if the Azure Dragon side is lower, an Azure Dragon can be placed on the left side to balance it out, which also has the effect of attracting benefactors.


  • Neutralizing Yin Qi: When there are few males and many females in the household, resulting in an imbalance of Yin and Yang energies, and when there are many shady trees nearby, resulting in excessive Yin energy, an Azure Dragon can be placed to enhance Yang energy.
  • When the room is too large and lacks concentration of energy: For large houses with few occupants, where energy and people's attention cannot be concentrated.
  • Neutralizing killing Qi: When the house faces a court, prison, government office, military camp, etc., an Azure Dragon should be placed to neutralize the Sha Qi!



  • Dragons are best matched with water:Dragons thrive in water, showing their exceptional strength; if placed in a dry area, there is a risk of "a dragon swimming in shallow water being bullied by shrimp"! Therefore, if dragon-themed decorations are placed in the home, it is advisable to place them where there is water. Placing dragons on both sides of a fish tank is very suitable and can bring about prosperous effects.

  • Dragons should face the sea or a river:Some houses face the sea or a river, which is excellent Feng Shui-wise, but unfortunately, due to the distance, there may be a feeling of yearning and sighing despite absorbing the wealth energy. The remedy is to use a pair of gray or black stone dragons, placed on the window or balcony railing, with their heads facing the ocean or river, as if the dragons are venturing into the sea. This can enhance prosperity and vitality according to Feng Shui. However, it should be noted that if there is sewage or a drain in front, it is not suitable, as it would tarnish the dragons.


  • Dragons should be placed in the north: If there is no water indoors or outdoors, the remedy is to place dragon-themed decorations in the north. This is mainly because the north is the direction where "water energy" is most prosperous, making it very suitable for water-loving dragons.
  • Dragons should not face bedrooms:Although dragons are auspicious animals, they are very fierce, so they should not face bedrooms, especially those with ferocious appearances. Please note that dragons with red eyes should never face children's bedrooms or beds, as this can not only psychologically disturb children but also have negative Feng Shui effects, especially for children born in the "Dog" zodiac sign.

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