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Use Feng Shui Increase Positive Energy In Your Daily Life

Use Feng Shui Increase Positive Energy In Your Daily Life

Are you a believer of Feng Shui?

Have you ever heard, a proper furniture placement that will maximize the flow of good energy in your home?

Feng shui is a branch of Chinese Medicine that is an art, a science, and a spiritual practice all rolled into one. The purpose is to create balance and harmony in all aspects of life by changing the energy of the spaces we live in.

1,The first step of the process is to minimize clutter. “A space where energy flows well is one that's not filled with stuff in every corner. Empty space or minimalism is a good thing in feng shui,”

2,Lighting is very important in a feng shui living room. “The more lighting the better,” . “The lights don't always have to be turned on, just as long as there's the option to turn them on.”

3.Do not display pictures of fierce or aggressive animals in the living room.

4.Hang a large family portrait to enhance the importance of the family members.

5.Avoid exposed shelves in the living room, as this can send out killing energy.

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