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Traditional Feng Shui Protection Amulet Sign

Traditional Feng Shui Protection Amulet Sign

  1. The feng shui function of amulet Amulet is a symbol that can exorcise evil and avoid disaster.


There are many ways to construct it. There are three-dimensional phenomena made of various materials, such as clay sculptures, woodcarved statues of Buddha and gods, as well as various symbols and characters drawn on paper. This kind of talisman paper can calm people’s hearts and make people obtain A sense of security achieves the goal of seeking good luck and avoiding evil. The amulet is effective because it is the carrier that opens up the energy field of the heaven and the earth and communicates the information of the spiritual world. The person who draws the amulet needs to have a high level of cultivation. The higher the Taoism, the more effective the amulet.


  1. Wearing amulets must be worn close to the body. In addition to hanging around the neck and wearing the wrist, it can also be placed in personal clothing. When taking a bath, be sure to remove it to avoid erosion by sewage.


Don’t give away the amulet you have taken lightly. The amulet is meant to protect your well-being. If the amulet is not worn for a long time, it should not be placed randomly. It is best to find a red cloth wrapped in a hidden place.

  1. Feng Shui precautions for amulet enlightenment 1. There are many ways to enlighten amulet. One of the most effective is to go to temples or Taoist temples to ask for peace amulet, and let some masters with deep Taoism help to enlighten. You can also enlighten yourself and wash your body with yin and yang water as amulets.


The so-called yin and yang water is three drops of warm water and three drops of cold water as the amulet to wash the body, so that it is consecrated. Another way is to let the older and respected elderly in the clan or village touch them, so that they will be blessed by them, and it can be considered a blessing.

  1. The second thing to pay attention to is the wearing of the consecrated amulet. The amulet seems to keep us safe, and we must wear it carefully, not to take off or throw away at will.


But in some cases it can be taken off, such as when taking a bath, you must take it off and place it, and don’t contaminate the amulet. Secondly, when wearing the amulet, wear it next to your body, and don't let others touch it easily.


Otherwise, the bad luck of some people will damage the spiritual power of the amulet. 3. There is a question about the protection of amulets.


If the amulet is worn for too long and the thread is worn out, you can replace it by yourself. If you accidentally break the wiring, you don't have to make a fuss or think about it, just change one yourself.


Don't throw away the amulet if it is damaged. If it can be repaired, wrap it in red cloth or red paper and send it for repair. If it cannot be repaired, wrap it in red cloth and bury it under a tree.


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