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Tips For Tiger be used as a Feng Shui Symbol

Tips For Tiger be used as a Feng Shui Symbol

The feng shui effect of tiger hanging at home is to bai the house, ward off evil spirits, guard against villains, and calm the nerves.

From the perspective of feng shui, the tiger is classified as a fierce beast (but it is also another powerful guard), giving people the feeling of power, demeanor of the strong, quick response, and extraordinary skills. People with special imposing professions or styles, such as military and police personnel, and domineering people, will especially be quite agile.

However, the tiger’s yang energy is very strong and murderous, so tiger jewelry, especially calligraphy and paintings, are mostly hung in public places or official temples. Generally, families do not hang it, and they are afraid that they will not be able to subdue this momentum. Especially for the frail and sick people, The rooms for the elderly and children are even more unsuitable.

   Hanging pictures is very good, even if you want to hang tiger paintings, it is also possible 

  1. Don't hang it in the bedroom, you can hang it in the living room or the study room (there are literary stars that help promote Wangren water people in the study room).

   2. Even if it is hanging in the living room, the tiger's head must not be in the house.

   3. Choose different tiger paintings based on the age and occupation of the homeowner. (Generally those who are in their 30s to 50s are hanging tigers on the mountain, which symbolizes high-spirited and motivated, daring to meet any challenge, and belong to the striving group; after the age of 50, they hang on the mountain tiger, which means that their thinking is more mature. , The mentality is more indifferent, belonging to a higher wisdom and realm.)

   4. It is also necessary to consider the situation of the occupants, the orientation of the room, the location of the furniture, the five elements of the owner, and the birth date.

particularity), it depends on your preferences and the style of the room, but also pay attention to the following points.

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