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The Gemstones for Good Feng Shu Using

The Gemstones for Good Feng Shu Using

When you see the words “feng shui” and “gemstones” together you may conjure up images of diamond earrings for your sofa or a pearl necklace for your bed. Okay, that’s a little silly, right? But seriously, can gems in jewelry change your feng shui? Feng shui is more than just moving furniture around. It’s about changing the energetics of your space as well as shifting your own personal vibration. 

You don’t need to be a feng shui expert or energy healer to wear gemstones and receive vibrational benefits.Here’s our list of gemstones and how they can create good feng shui. You can use them with a desire to lift up your qi or simply because they are beautiful.


A sacred stone of purification, the red color of the garnet can transform and purify. In Asian cultures, red is very powerful for protection and transformation.


Pearls remind us that all our obstacles are the path to healing. A pearl begins as debris that enters an oyster. The irritation causes the oyster to layer calcium carbonate around this foreign particle, which over time creates a precious pearl. Pearls are a feminine (yin) gem that facilitates softness and gentleness.


Citrine is a gemstone of stability because it does not retain any negative vibrations and can “clear” itself. Similarly, citrine can also can balance your energy so that you can be more steady and grounded. The yellow and orange tones call in the earth element to further connect and ground us to the earth.


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