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Peridot, Money Stone,the powerful stone to attract money

Peridot, Money Stone,the powerful stone to attract money

Peridot gemstones have been in use for many thousands of years and were historically called Olivine.  

A harmonious crystal-like Peridot is excellent for people who have intricate plans about getting rich. You can also meditate with Peridot to clarify your mind on how to get wealth. Peridots have a unique ability to increase the frequency of the wearer to that of the universal code to attract wealth, increases willpower, promotes fame and dispels envy and jealousy.

Peridot resonates with heart and solar plexus chakra. Its energy influences growth of anything, it is good for health, well-being and vitality. Leos born in August can benefit from wearing jewelry made from Peridot the most so make sure to utilize special promo that we are running this week and get your peridot jewelry.

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  • Do you have anything to go in my wallet and handbag. And what is a lucky colour for a wallet please
    Dawn Ford

    Dawn Ford

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