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How to Use Feng Shui for Money & Prosperity

How to Use Feng Shui for Money & Prosperity

  • Crystal

In feng shui philosophy, a crystal represents the dispersing of energy because a clear, faceted crystal can indeed disperse energy—it can refract clear sunlight into rainbows. It can be a manufactured crystal (usually disco ball or octagon shaped) made of clear glass with a high lead content so that it makes rainbows in the sunlight. It can also be a natural,from the earth crystal, but it must be quite clear or have rutilations that cause rainbows within the crystal. Keep the crystal clean so that it can sparkle. When placing a crystal, say out loud your rationale with words something like, “I am placing this crystal to disperse harsh energy from (name what the problem is) before it reaches people.”

  • Mirror

In feng shui, a mirror can symbolize several different things, depending on its use and what you say when you install it. It is most commonly used to reflect harsh energy away, in which case the shiny, reflective side faces the area where the problem originates. Another use of mirrors is to expand a space, which they do by visually erasing a section of wall. We mostly use small mirrors in feng shui, but when thinking of erasing a wall, imagine the wall covered in one large sheet of custom-cut mirror glass. The wall would visually vanish—replaced with a view of the room. That’s what symbolically happens when you use a very tiny mirror.

  • Wind Chime

A wind chime disperses the energy of the wind as sound waves, according to the principles of feng shui and can be used instead of a crystal. (Using both a crystal and a wind chime is usually redundant and therefore only creates clutter.) But a wind chime can also attract energy because sound draws our attention. When we hear a sound, we look toward it. Attracting and dispersing are different ways of dealing with energy, and that’s one of the reasons it’s important to announce your purpose.

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