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Feng Shui Using Increase Positive Energy In Your Daily Life(2)

Feng Shui Using Increase Positive Energy In Your Daily Life(2)

Are you a believer of Feng Shui?

Have you ever heard, a proper furniture placement that will maximize the flow of good energy in your home?

Feng shui is a branch of Chinese Medicine that is an art, a science, and a spiritual practice all rolled into one. The purpose is to create balance and harmony in all aspects of life by changing the energy of the spaces we live in.

6.Avoid the low ceiling

Have you ever been to a place where the ceiling is so low that you’re afraid that you’ll hit your head, even though you know you won’t? How did the place make you feel?

Low ceiling gives a kind of negative energy that makes us feel compressed. It’s the same feeling some people get when they’re driving a sedan side-by-side with a 16-weel truck. A living room with low ceilings will give you and your guests invisible pressure and great discomfort. Further, because the space is smaller, it is also harder for the place to gather good Feng Shui energy brought by you and your guests. That’s why it is strongly suggested that you avoid this kind of design.

7.Brighter is better

Lighting is very important in a feng shui living room. “The more lighting the better,” Cantley says. “The lights don't always have to be turned on, just as long as there's the option to turn them on.”

Light allows us to be in a good mood. Brightness is uplifting. On the other hand, dark space can trigger depression and lower the vibration of the energy. Dark spaces just also feel less inviting.

8.Avoid the Living Room in the Center of the House 

A feng shui living room will not be located in the center of the house. Along with the feng shui guidelines for two exterior walls in the living room, this rule is to maintain optimal, healthy flow of qi. If the living room is housed in the depth of the house, energy can’t easily reach it; the flow stalls and eventually stops because it has to pass through too many other rooms before reaching the living room.


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