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Feng Shui Tips For The Front Door

Feng Shui Tips For The Front Door

In feng shui, the front door is considered the mouth of chi or universal energy. It is through the front door that the house receives its feng shui nourishment of energy. The quality of this energy determines the quality of energy in your home.

The size of the front door should be proportionate to the house. You wouldn’t want a small door to a mansion or a large door to a tiny hut. It wouldn’t feel right, would it? Feng shui warns that disproportionate door sizes may cause problems with wealth and career.

The front door must also be larger than other doors inside the house. Though most houses today do not have this problem, I have seen master bedroom doors that are larger than front doors. When this happens, feng shui warns of problems with relationships, marriage, and emotional control.

There’s much about the color of the front door, so I won’t be going into much details here.

The type of color you need varies according to many factors. These include the direction it’s facing, the person’s Kua determined by the birth year, and the location it’s located in the house. It is mostly used for feng shui enhancement and cure. It is not the single factor that makes or breaks the feng shui of your front door.

Lighting is important in the front door area because it brings in the fire element. The fire element is recognition and how you’re seen in the world. We want to see and be seen with clarity and brightness like the sun. 

A few tips to brighten your entry 

  • Clean the light fixtures, dust prevents the light from shining through.
  • Paint the ceiling a bright flat white color.
  • Clean any glass to invite the most daylight through.
  • Change the bulb to a higher wattage dimmable bulb.
  • Add additional light fixtures if possible.

Note, the front door area doesn’t have to have light fixtures on the highest setting, it’s more about the potential for brightness and clear seeing.

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