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Feng Shui Tips for Business Office

Feng Shui Tips for Business Office

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art form focused on balancing the elements in the work or living environment. The main belief of this practice is that everything has energy, and feng shui facilitates the flow of energy with proper placement of items and furniture. Incorporating the art of feng shui into your home or office allows energy to flow and represents a balanced self. 

Why is Feng Shui Important to Your Office?

Feng shui is important to your office because it improves the flow of energy, which increases productivity and lowers stress levels. Feng shui allows you to feel creative and open, improving your wellbeing and even the quality of your work.

1. Get an Air-Purifying Plant

Indoor pollution is just as bad, if not worse, than outdoor pollution. From dust to cleaning products and candles, chances are your workspace needs some air purification. Getting a plant helps circulate and purify the air flow in the office space, no matter how big or small your office may be. Some good indoor plants that don’t require much light are bamboo plants and Areca Palm. 

2. Maintain Stress

Even with your new feng shui office, stress is still an inevitable part of life. To lower stress levels, put stress relievers around the office. Essential oils in a diffuser can be great for your office space. Or, give out stress balls to your employees to help them cope with stress in the moment.

3. Desk Placement

If you’re at your desk all day, make sure your desk is placed against a visually appealing background. This could be a window, vibrant art, pictures of mountains or even a painted wall. Another option is to put your desk in a power position, such that you are facing or viewing the door. You may even find that occasionally changing your desk position or location inspires creativity.

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