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Feng Shui Lucky Cat

Feng Shui Lucky Cat

The Feng Shui Cat, also known as the fortune cat, aids in attracting luck and good fortune wherever you go.

Feng Shui Symbols of Prosperity

The application of the lucky cat in feng shui can be compared to the use of Ganesh in Indian culture. Both symbols are from non-Chinese cultures—the lucky cat is called Maneki Neko in Japanese. Ganesh is the elephant-headed god of success, wisdom, and good luck. In feng shui, practitioners and enthusiasts will use a lucky cat or trunk-upward elephant for Luck and prosperity cures.

As with all feng shui cures, you should identify with the item that is adorning your home and your sacred space. Use the lucky cat in your home because you like its energy, and not because you were told that it is good for feng shui. Each Feng Shui Cure has other substitutes, so if you do not get good or strong feelings from the lucky cat, then take a look at a bamboo plant or statues in the form of elephants, fu dogs, dragons, or tortoises. Go with your feelings and the energy or vibes you get from an item. Does it fit your style? When you look at it does it make you happy or hopeful? If it does, then you have landed on just the right thing.

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