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Buddha Wisdom

2023  Zodiac Rabbit Horoscope

2023 Zodiac Rabbit Horoscope

For the twelve zodiac signs, when the new year comes, the fortunes of all aspects will certainly change accordingly.

The year 2023 is the year of life for people who belong to rabbit, that is, the year when they commit Taisui. If some happy events can be held this year, such as buying a house, getting married, and so on, it can effectively resolve the negative impact and make life more stable. In general, people who belong to rabbit will be greatly impacted in many aspects this year, especially in career and emotional aspects. We must pay attention to our health, and strive to manage our work and family and marriage. When encountering problems, don't think nonsense, but let yourself become more pragmatic and seek solutions in time.
Although great changes will take place in the life of rabbit people this year, the good thing is that they can get the help of two lucky stars and can help their career development very well. The "general star" can help the rabbit people to give full play to their talents.

As long as they can maintain a positive and progressive attitude, they will be able to be promoted from the ordinary workers at the grass-roots level to the management level. The lucky star of "Year Drive" can help the people who belong to the rabbit get the recognition of the leaders and can continue to be promoted and paid in the workplace. However, it should be noted that "driving at the age of" may lead to unexpected expenses in daily travel for people belonging to rabbits. For example, they may compensate others for extra money due to car collision and damage. We must pay attention to this year's travel. The "Golden Chamber" fortune star can boost the overall money fortune of the rabbit people throughout the year, and can bring them extra money into the account.
Although people belonging to the rabbit can make certain progress in their career and financial fortunes during the rabbit year, their health is not particularly good due to the influence of many evil stars. Especially for the elderly, we must do a comprehensive physical examination regularly, and also do a good job in basic nursing work. The "sword edge" murderous star will cause metal injuries to people belonging to rabbits, and may cause a disaster of blood. People who drive out or need to deal with metal frequently must learn to protect themselves. In addition, "Tai Sui", "Fu Shi" and "San Xing" stars will bring many diseases and disasters to people who belong to rabbits. Don't be careless. Health and safety should be put first in peacetime.

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