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2021 Feng Shui Tips For Improving Wealth Fortune

2021 Feng Shui Tips For Improving Wealth Fortune

Feng Shui culture has been passed down for a long time. People use Feng Shui and improve Feng Shui to create quality of life, improve health, attract more harmonious interpersonal relationships, and help build a successful career and prosper wealth.

This year’s financial position is in the northwest, so we can set up an exclusive financial position in the northwest, place feng shui objects (such as brave, toad, etc.) representing wealth in this exclusive space, and then treat it with heart. Do not mix with other things and clean up the dust regularly. This can help you attract more wealth.

1,First of all, it is commonplace to have a clean and open space first. You should rarely see rich people’s houses filled with all kinds of things, and you are usually attracted by their open spaces. Having enough breathing space can attract more wealth and energy. More open space means more enjoyment, more creation, and more exploration. Of course, the space where most of us live is relatively small, but we should also tidy up as much as possible, and don't let all kinds of things block the entry of wealth.

2,Water is also a symbol of wealth, which has been the case in many cultures throughout the ages. Therefore, putting some running water at home will have a beautiful meaning of wealth. For example, fish tanks, feng shui wheels, or raising a pool of water lilies are what we call "silk water", but never put water in the bedroom, bathroom, garage, etc., it will bring negative effects instead.

3,For some people, it may be inconvenient to place green plants or place a fish tank for various reasons. Then you can also use the form of hanging pictures to get the corresponding energy, they can greatly help you express the energy you want. Such as green landscape paintings or paintings of flowing water are good choices, and they can also create many miracles for the space.


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