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2021 Feng Shui Horoscope For Zodiac Dog

2021 Feng Shui Horoscope For Zodiac Dog

Strengths: righteous, brave, loyal, responsible, reliable, clever, 

Year of Gog:    1934、1946、1958、1970、1982、1994、2006、2018

  • Zodiac Dog 2021 career horoscope

 Dog people in 2021 will be suppressed by the "tongue-rolling" fierce star in their careers, and will easily become the target of villains. Many people will speak bad things behind their backs. Regarding these matters, if you do not harm your reputation and interests, do not be too careless. If the situation is too serious, you can directly seek legal help. This year, the work pressure is very heavy, and I need to go out to run projects and business frequently. In order to get a big list, I may also often participate in dinner and wine games. The physical condition will become very poor, and it may even cause various acute diseases. It is necessary to distinguish the priority of life, and there is no need to work hard. In your spare time, you should also give yourself more holidays and go out to relax

  •  Zodiac Dog 2021 fortune horoscope

   In terms of wealth, it is not possible to make much money at all. Due to limited work ability, it is difficult to make a huge breakthrough. I jump to the leadership level, or my salary is doubled. The performance of partial wealth is also quite a headache. The investment and financial products purchased, such as stocks, funds and gold, will suffer losses to varying degrees due to the bad situation. A small number of people may still be fascinated by ghosts for a while, thinking about getting rich overnight by gambling and buying lottery tickets. The end result is definitely not good. In the years of Xing Tai Sui, since the income is low, the dog person must reduce expenditure. Don't spend too much money on impractical things, such as luxury goods, beauty salons, and so on. Keep spending as low as possible.


  • Chinese Zodiac Dog Health Horoscope 2021


   In terms of health, the "strangled" evil star will release a powerful force, and it is difficult for a dog person to be alone. It is easy to have various diseases due to changes in the external environment. For example, when the weather changes and the temperature drops, they will catch a cold and fever; during the flu outbreak season, they will also be infected by people around them. Resistance and immunity are very poor. A little disease will make it look particularly lacking in energy and vitality. In the years of Xing Tai Sui, you must be able to realize the importance of health preservation and eat more nourishing foods. If you have the conditions, you can also buy some bird's nests. If you eat them reasonably, it will definitely be beneficial to your health. For those who belong to a dog, pay special attention to traffic safety when driving. Do not violate traffic regulations at will, let alone drink and drive. Dogs who drive a family can hang a string of brave on the car as auspicious ornaments this year, which means the road throughout the year. The road is safe and prosperous.


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