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How To Use The Tai Sui Amulet In Feng Shui

How To Use The Tai Sui Amulet In Feng Shui

In the year when the Tai Sui was committed, everyone was looking for a way to turn Tai Sui. As long as it was said by others, they were all worn on their bodies. There were many things in the house and many solutions were used. These methods just make you sick. To invest in medicine randomly, we still have to find the most effective and most suitable way to resolve the problem of Tai Sui.

 The easiest and most common way to resolve Tai Sui in the natal year is to wear a red string. This evil-shielding jewelry looks small, but it has a lot of attention to it.

  1. Who is suitable for wearing a red string bracelet?

It is okay for men, women and children.

  1. Wearing the left hand or the right hand?

It is best to wear the left hand and not the right hand.

Some people also wear red cords on their necks and feet, and when they are effective, they are stylish and beautiful. These are all okay.

Tie a red rope on her left foot to walk the night without encountering ghosts and gods, and tie her right foot to meet true love.


  1. How to put it when not wearing it?

When sleeping or bathing or other circumstances cannot be worn, put it in a clean and dry place.

  1. Can you wear a red string bracelet in your natal year?

You can also wear it at ordinary times.

Those who violate the Tai Sui zodiac wear it to ward off evil spirits; those who do not violate the Tai Sui zodiac wear it for good luck; ordinary people wear it to improve their Feng Shui.


  1. Remember to burn the red string when it is not worn

The red string is spiritual and can be worn for a lifetime without taking it off. If it is damaged and cannot be worn, it needs to be burned in time to let it go to heaven.

  1. The red string is best presented by the elders

Of course, you can buy the red rope and wear it yourself, but the elders, as people who have passed by, have experienced ups and downs and have a strong aura. When they receive it, they will wear it better.

  1. Do not let outsiders touch the red string bracelet.

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