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Zodiac Dragon 2021 Horoscope Predictions

Zodiac Dragon 2021 Horoscope Predictions

Year of Dragon: 1928、1940、1952、1964、1976、1988、2000  2012

Zodiac Dragon 2021 Horoscope

 Entering 2021, it is a year of breaking Tai Sui for the dragons, and the overall fortune is quite sluggish. "Kuansuo" and "Goshen" will bring a lot of trouble to life, and once you fail to cross this hurdle, it will bring great suffering. Fortunately, at a critical moment, there are "Tai Yin nobles" secretly assisting. Although the power is not strong, it is always better than nothing. Dragon people have always had a strong sense of professionalism. Although their ability and courage are indeed beyond the reach of ordinary people, they have a fatal flaw, that is, they are overconfident. Many times they often fall into a bad situation because of conceit and lack of careful thinking. In the years of breaking Tai Sui, you must be careful every step forward.

Zodiac Dragon 2021 career fortune

  In terms of career, affected by the Po Tai Sui, the dragon will have a talent in 2021, and it is difficult to get the opportunity to display it. In the company, because of a bad temper and a perverse and solitary behavior, it is particularly unpleasant. It is easy to be squeezed out by colleagues, and even the boss may not reuse it. In this case, you can consider resigning, but you can't resign naked. You have to find your next home in advance so that you won't lose your positive income. It is difficult for self-employed friends to expand the market, and they may be betrayed by their subordinates or partners. They must be cautious and wary of people, and have a clear understanding of the company's overall operating conditions. In particular, accounting issues must be dealt with personally, and cannot be faked, otherwise it will definitely give others the opportunity to do tricks.

Zodiac Dragon 2021 fortune fortune

 In terms of wealth, the dragon people’s problem of spending money in 2021 will still not converge. Even if they have no money, they will borrow money to consume or consume in advance. This will bring a huge economic burden and even fall into a borrowing storm. You must be able to recognize your own economic situation and learn the good habit of saving money. It is not necessary to deposit all the money on hand in the bank, but you cannot use all of it to buy financial products. This is quite dangerous. Dragon people can place a [Yimingju Yijia Town Cailiuli Decoration] on the left hand side of the bedside table or office this year as the mascot of the fortune business, implying that the financial fortune and career in 2021 will rise steadily, the treasury is stable, and the source of wealth is broad. In. In terms of income, in the years of Tai Sui, the income of positive wealth is not stable, and there is little room for growth. As for the income of partial wealth, it is pitiful. Dragon people must learn to put down their body, not to be too high, as long as it is a profitable project, even if it is a small money, you must try more.

Chinese zodiac dragon 2021 health fortune


   In terms of health, although the dragons have no fatal diseases in 2021, they are not particularly comfortable physically and may get sick frequently. Especially the children and the elderly whose resistance and immunity are relatively weak, they have to go to the pharmacy to get medicine every three times, and they are weakened, have poor appetite, and can't do anything. You must pay attention to the maintenance of your body. Some small details cannot be ignored. If possible, you can also buy health care products. However, you should not eat too much, otherwise it may have a counterproductive effect.

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