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Use Koi Fish To Bring Good Luck In Feng Shui

Use Koi Fish To Bring Good Luck In Feng Shui

Keeping fish against the evil is indeed effective in feng shui. However, as the saying goes: "Water can overturn a boat, and it can also carry a boat." It must not be underestimated in what position it is placed. A slight mistake will cause serious harm. If this method can be used properly, it can attract wealth and health, but if it is to catch up with the trend, everyone thinks that putting "feng shui fish" at home is to know that Feng Shui has style, but lacks the mind to take care of them, and makes the tank. The turbid water and the smelly smell are not only counterproductive and can't show your noble taste. It will also endanger the health of the whole family and the house due to the unsanitary water in the tank.

  1. The fish tank should not be placed in the bedroom.


The bedroom is a place of harmony and tranquility. After a whole day of hard work, it is necessary to recuperate in a quiet environment and restore mental and physical strength. The sleeping room needs to be quiet, pneumatic is not suitable, it will reduce the quality of sleep, but also affect health. If it is a couple’s bedroom, it will also affect the relationship between each other.




  1. Avoid getting close to things that are fire.




The fish tank contains water, and water overcomes fire, so water and fire are not tolerated. If the fish tank is put together with things that belong to fire, it is easy to have a bad influence on the fortune. The things that belong to fire are: TVs, rice cookers, electric stoves and other electrical appliances. Everything that generates heat is a fire. If it is placed with the fish tank, it will make the air in the house uncomfortable, so it should be placed separately.




  1. Avoid being opposite to the stove (kitchen).


The stove is a tool for making fire and cooking. It is a fire and should not be placed alongside the fish tank. On the one hand, the heat of the stove is harmful to the health of the fish. On the other hand, the water vapor of the fish tank will affect the fire of the stove. Affect the health of the human body, and there will be problems with the health of the house.

  1. Avoid placing it in the fierce position.


A fish is a living thing, it is a moving image, and the water flow in the fish tank is also a moving image. If the fish tank is placed in the fierce position, it will push and condense the original unmoving evil spirit. There is an old saying: "The air will be scattered by the wind, and the water will stop." This will cause bad luck to the house and bring it together.




  1. Avoid placing it under the altar.


The altar is used to enshrine the "gods" or ancestors who protect the house, so its location should be a stable place. If the altar is placed in a hollow place on all sides, it is not suitable for the lack of backing.




  1. People with weak fire should avoid raising koi fish.


Through the date of birth of a person, one can know the strength of the inaction that he hits. If his Bazi fire is overwhelming and fierce, it is suitable to raise koi fish, because the water vapor of the fish tank and the fire nature of the Bazi are balanced, which will have a good influence on the fortune. On the contrary, if the eight characters of the birth date show that the five elements are too weak, fish is raised at this time, and small fires are extinguished with large waters, which will result in poor water and fire, making the fate even more bumpy and difficult.





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