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The Place Of Fengshui Tiger In Home

The Place Of Fengshui Tiger In Home

Fengshui Tiger Where should be or not be placed?

In Feng Shui, the tiger is a mascot to dispel evil spirits and dispel evil spirits. Many people like to place tiger ornaments or hang tiger paintings at home. However, not all families are suitable for placing tigers. If not properly placed, it will bring disaster to the family.

1、 What family is suitable for putting tiger ornaments
If the house or office is guilty of sharp corner evil, sky cutting evil and other evil spirits, tiger ornaments can be placed to dissolve the evil spirits. When placing, the tiger head should face the direction of the evil spirits.
When there is a situation of road flushing or corridor flushing in one's own house, a tiger head type doorring shall be placed on the iron door, or a tiger head sign shall be installed in the direction of the door facing the corridor, which can resolve the road flushing and evil spirit.
Military and police personnel can decorate tiger ornaments at home, which can enhance their aura and have a flexible effect.

2、 Taboo of putting tiger paintings at home

There are also many taboos for families who are suitable for placing tiger ornaments. We must pay attention to them here.

If you hang a tiger wall chart at home, the tiger head should face the door, and the tiger head inward is fierce. Some people say that the tiger is powerful when it comes down the mountain. In fact, when it comes down the mountain, it will hurt people if it is hungry. It's only a matter of time.

If there is a woodcarving tiger, it is not an auspicious image. It is also easy to cause blood light and insecurity. Many people commit this problem.

The tiger painted by celebrities is even more powerful, because celebrities have devoted themselves to painting. The more powerful the tiger in their heart, the easier it is to be absorbed in God, and the more unfavorable it is to hang at home.
If there is a tiger in the home, the bedroom, especially the couple's room and the hall opposite the main door, is the most taboo. If it is arranged in the bedroom, the couple will be in an uneasy situation anytime and anywhere, and their feelings will decline day by day. If it is in the front hall, it will affect neighbors or visiting guests, which is disturbing.

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