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No Cactus Inside Your Space, Absolutely No?

No Cactus Inside Your Space, Absolutely No?

In terms of traditional Fengshui omen, cactus is a kind of plant that can be easily fed, but it is a genuine evil thing. That is to say, only when there are great changes in the family, cactus will be placed to suppress evil. For example, if there are dead people or disasters in the family, it can be used to ward off evil and avoid disasters. It is best not to put it in the bedroom, especially in the bedroom.

1、 The geomantic implication of cactus
Cactus is a plant with thorns. From the perspective of geomantic omen, it can dissolve the evil spirit in the environment and put a pot in the residence, which can play a role in guarding against evil spirits.
Similarly, putting cactus in the office can help the business operation, prevent the villain's tongue, and increase the ability of self-defense, but it can't be too sharp. The taboo of placing cactus is very particular.

2、 Placement of cactus in residence Feng Shui

1. Do not put it in the bedroom. Cactus has a sharp and evil spirit. Putting it in the bedroom will affect the peaceful atmosphere of the bedroom, which can easily lead to quarrels and affect family harmony.

2. Don't put it in the living room: the living room is the place to receive people. The atmosphere is more active. Except for sleeping, almost all of them will spend their time in the living room. If they are placed in the living room, they will make people feel too sharp, make people feel uncomfortable, and affect the social atmosphere.

3. It can be placed on the balcony: cactus can expel evil spirits and avoid evil spirits. The balcony is one of the places where the house is connected with the outside world. Placing a pot of cactus here can well dispel the evil spirits from outside.

4. It should be placed in the window: the window and the door are also places connecting the outside world, but now the door of the community is not suitable for potted plants. In this way, it can be placed in the porch. If placed in the window, it can also expel evil spirits, properly purify the air entering the room, and receive sufficient light, which is conducive to the growth of plants.
3、 Placement of cactus in the office feng shui
1. Don't put it in the East: in the office, the workplace on geomantic omen is the earthquake palace in the East, which represents the development power and potential of personal career. If it is placed in the East, it means that the career will be full of thorns and difficult to rise.
2. Avoid putting it on the right side: in the office, do not put the cactus on the right side of your desk. There may be disputes with people on the right side, which is not conducive to the coordination of relations. You can put it on the left side to prevent the mouth of villains.


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