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How to wear a pixiu bracelet

How to wear a pixiu bracelet

  1. Wearing time of Pixiu

   It is best to be between 7:00 and 9:00 in the morning. This time is the most favorable stage of the day, and is also commonly known as the time when the dragon raises its head. The mascot has undergone special treatment, which is conducive to choosing a good time to use.

  2, the male Pixiu recruits wealth, the mother Pixiu keeps the wealth

   It seems that all the brave on the market looks the same, but in fact, they are divided into male and female. Generally speaking, a male brave has 1 horn on its head, and its body is stronger, while a female brave has 2 horns, and its body is thinner; if it is a tilted head brave, the head tilted to the left is a male brave. Tilted to the right is the female brave. Not only is the shape different, the two of them have different effects. The male brave is more fortune, while the female brave plays a role in keeping money. Most people like to ask for the male brave because it is more fortune, but it is recommended , It’s better to ask a complete pair, the male brave is used to attract wealth, and the female brave is used to keep the wealth!

  1. Should the Pixiu pendant face up or down

As a "national lucky beast", the brave, has also been made into a variety of different styles, such as brave pendants, brave bracelets, brave rings, etc., don't think that they are just different in style, in terms of wearing methods. The difference is also great, don’t wear it wrong:

   When many people wear a Pixiu pendant, they are troubled by the question: Should Pixiu's head face up? Or down? In fact, the head of Pai Yao can be up or down, but the effects of each will be different. Wearing it with its head up, it means going up and running and absorbing aura, and is more suitable for people doing business and self-employment; while with its head down, it means that you will exhaust all four ways of wealth. It is suitable for most people to use to attract wealth. Up or down depends on personal preference.

  1. Wearing the hand with the pixiu bracelet and ring

Although Pixiu bracelets and rings do not have the problem of "head up or down", they also have a very important taboo: whether they should be worn on the left hand or on the right hand. Our ancestors emphasized left-in and right-out. That is to say, what we wear on the left hand can help us attract wealth and blessing, and what we wear on the right hand can help us expel bad energy. And Pi Xiu is a lucky beast that attracts wealth, so naturally it should be worn on the left hand. If it is worn on the right hand, the effect will be greatly reduced.

How to wear pixiu lucky money? Pixiu of different shapes and materials is very particular!

  5. Do not wear Pixiu with the zodiac tiger, which affects the fortune

In addition to Pixiu, many people also wear some other amulets at the same time, such as the natal Buddha, Pingan, Guanyin, etc. Generally speaking, they do not conflict with each other much, but there is a cut shape that is best not to be in conflict with each other. Wearing the brave together, so as not to affect their respective functions, it is the tiger zodiac. In ancient times, there has always been a saying that "the tiger and the brave are in conflict". The zodiac tiger-shaped jewelry will weaken the spirituality of the brave to a certain extent, thereby affecting the effect of fortune, so if you have already worn the brave, it is best not to At the same time wear the zodiac tiger.


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  • In your FORTUNE DOUBLE PIXIU BLACK OBSIDIAN CHARM BRACELET, it is written that it should be worn on the dominant hand but in this article, it says left hand. I’m confused as to which one to wear one.

    Haydee Fernandez

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