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Feng Shui and Balance

Feng Shui and Balance

How to bring more balance in life with Fengshui

Open the front door

When it comes to Feng Shui, it is known that energy flows through the front door, so make sure that you open them. If you skip this step, it is highly likely that it will stagnate in your home, which is definitely not what you want. Apart from opening your front door in order to provide an influx of positive energy, you may also want to use a red color on them – it attracts luck and good fortune!

Bring nature indoors

Slip into a peaceful state of mind by using the elements of nature inside your home. Greenery will surely reduce your anxiety levels and make you feel more relaxed by enhancing feelings of pleasure and happiness. Good lighting will also do the trick, and natural light is the best choice you can make. Open all your windows and doors in order to let fresh air inside. Decorate your rooms with stones, bamboo, and wood, and you will see an instant improvement in your mood.

Use mirrors wisely

As you probably already know, mirrors are very powerful when talking about reflecting energy, so you should place them strategically – in places where energy flow needs to be increased. Have in mind that they have to reflect something beautiful, such as previously mentioned natural decoration, and not trash cans or clutter in your room. It is also important to say that mirrors in your bedroom are not such a good idea, since they may affect your sleep.

Clear physical clutter

It is well-known that clutter sucks up all the positive energy in a room, so make sure that everything in your home has its place – stuffing all that mess in your closet will also affect the energy flow in your home. The same goes for the attic – the clutter above your head will make you feel restless, so get rid of it as soon as possible. After that, clean all the floors in order to remove all the dirt and allergens that may be potentially harmful to your health. Aside from water, steam will do the best job when it comes to cleaning. If you don’t already own a steamer, you can always opt for steam cleaner hire  fantastic results are guaranteed, and you will feel great afterward.

Seek balance

Feng Shui is all about the balance – if you have it in your home, you will feel it inside of your body, too. The five essential elements this philosophy is based on are wood, metal, earth, water, and fire, and you should try to incorporate them in every room. You can either do that by using real objects that represent them, such as a wooden bowl filled with stone pebbles, with a vase of flowers and a candle right next to it. Another way of featuring them is through colors: green for wood, white for metal, yellow and brown for earth, black for water, and red for fire.

As already stated, Feng Shui is much more than a mere set of rules which will help you live a meaningful life – it is a way of living that brings long-term benefits and growth, both when it comes to physical and mental aspects of your health. Choosing it will certainly improve your overall well-being, so give it a try to see how it works for you.

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