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5 Symbols For Good Feng Shui

5 Symbols For Good Feng Shui


While feng shui literally means wind-water, the philosophy actually refers to a system of laws that determine the arrangement and orientation of various items within a building.

When it comes to interior design, the focus is more on the use of color, the benefit of symbols, and the placement of furniture.

1. Koi fish

Koi have a powerful and energetic life force. Swim against the current like Koi to achieve good fortune, success, and prosperity.

2. Butterflies

If you’re single, butterflies (symbolizing freedom) will bring a number of suitors to your door giving you the freedom to choose the one for you. If you already have a partner, the butterfly ‘love cure’ will invite commitment and devotion.

3. Water

An ancient symbol of abundance, water will attract bounty your way. The refreshing blue color will provide a deeper connection to life’s mysteries.


4. Nature

With 24 seasons in the Chinese agricultural year, nature is an extremely important part of the culture. Using nature in a home helps us live in harmony with our environment.

5. Invite love

This is more about removing than adding. Remove everything in a room that’s going to distract you from love: dirty undies, an old basketball, a cat’s litter tray – you get the drift. Add a symbol of romance and you’re ready to attract love.


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