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3 Feng Shui Tips For Making Money Fast

3 Feng Shui Tips For Making Money Fast

  • 1Get your financial house in order.

Keep money flowing in your life by keeping your finances neat and orderly. The more you pay attention to money, the more it pays attention to you. Some people think it’s crass to be financially focused, but that’s mistaken thinking.

It’s also a mistake to think that if you aren’t rich, there’s no point in keeping your financial life orderly or investing. Clean out your files or create a filing system to keep your bills and payments orderly.

Once you begin paying close attention to money, your energy shifts and money starts coming in. Ignore money and money will ignore you.

  • Start seeing gains.

Old people used to say that “water draws water.” What she meant by that is that sometimes drawing water from a pump required putting water into it to help it come out. It’s like wealthy people who just keep getting wealthier – water draws water.

Once there’s momentum, the energy builds on itself. It’s also why when you have money problems, they just stay with you.

Put your money jar where you see it so your eyes can take in that image of money growing. It sends a message to your mind that you are focused on money. Keep a positive thought as you put the money into the jar and focus on the feeling money growing for you. Feng shui is very focused on symbolism and seeing money grow on a daily basis will draw money to you.

  • Clear up any “money drains” in your home.

To open the way for money, make sure you do a good decluttering in your house. Watch, too, for things that look damaged or broken (glasses, plates, bowls) and get rid of them. Go around your house and make sure there is no dripping water anywhere or toilets that are leaking and constantly refilling – these symbolize loss of money.

If you have one of those plants that has tendrils that you pin up or a sad plant that doesn’t look full, lush and healthy – pitch them. It’s better to have no plants than to have plants that don’t look healthy.

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