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2021 Feng Shui Horoscope For Zodiac Rooster

2021 Feng Shui Horoscope For Zodiac Rooster

Year of Rooster:   1933、1945、1957、1969、1981、1993、2005、2017

People of the year of the Rooster have the Tai Sui Sanhe this year. It can be said that a lucky star comes to the door. It represents the celebration of authority and fame, the promotion of exams and the job election, fame and fortune, and prosperity. But it is necessary to prevent serious incidents such as surgery, scalding with boiling water, or scratching while driving. This year, the white tiger will come to prevent the disaster of filial piety or loss of wealth and profits.


the rooster will have a prosperous career star in 2021, and career luck can be considered to be in a steady upward state. Under the circumstances of the passing years, there may be changes in the position, such as transfer or job change. Fortunately, the salary increase is not bad. Will satisfy myself. Interpersonal relationships will be greatly affected by the chicken in 2021. Even if the year of the ox performs well, it is easy to be troubled by the gossip of people around you. You need to beware of the conflicts in the office, be low-key and tolerant in dealing with matters, and don’t try to solve problems for others. , So as not to cause trouble to the upper body. There are not many opportunities for those who intend to change jobs. Instead, there will be slight changes in their positions, or even a little promotion, so they may wish to stay in their original positions. Roosters can wear it this year or hang a piece of "Zengqingtang Tenglong Exhibition Luck" at home as a mascot for the fortune of their careers, implying that career will take off in 2021, turning evil into good fortune, and making money.



roosters have a triple lucky star this year, which has a positive effect on wealth. For those born in any season, their wealth is definitely better than in previous years. Among them, roosters born in the spring, nobles and career fortunes are good, but there is always the phenomenon of robbery, and expenditure management must be done well, otherwise it is easy to gain and lose; for roosters born in summer, the mood is more relaxed than before. Fortune is the most dominant, and overall the happiest group. As for the rooster born in the fall, the year of the ox needs to do things by yourself, which is hard work; the rooster born in the winter is prone to emotional instability. Although there is good fortune, be careful not to work too much and make yourself feel bad. Into the horns. The year of the ox is always the fortune of wealth, so you might as well take it well. There are opportunities to expand the source of business people. Among them, chickens born in March, June, September and December of the lunar calendar must beware of excessive unnecessary expenditures. They must do a good job of increasing income and reducing expenditure to make a surplus. In addition, due to the poor performance of subordinates, continuous mistakes or rapid turnover of employees may cause business problems. You must do everything yourself to reduce dependence on others, otherwise you may suffer losses.



roosters have become more balanced this year, so their health is smooth and smooth. Especially for roosters born in the summer, they have a clear mindset in the year of the ox and their emotions have slowed down a lot. However, roosters born in spring need to pay attention to the increased work pressure, and do more relaxation exercises, such as jogging, Tai Chi or yoga, etc. As the year of the ox is a suitable year for going out, no matter which month the rooster is born, Going out more is good for prosperity. Chickens this year pay more attention to minor problems such as skin sensitivity, throat, respiratory system and nose sensitivity. In terms of homes, you should be more concerned about the health of the children in your home. You may wish to do a little decoration or replace the furniture to help improve home delivery. Roosters driving should pay attention to traffic safety, obey the traffic rules, and do not drink and drive; roosters can hang a string of "Zengqingtang Guishen Baoyun Ornaments" on the car this year as auspicious ornaments for their car, which means driving Safe journey and good luck.


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