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How to Create Good Feng Shui with Your Bathroom

How to Create Good Feng Shui with Your Bathroom

When you are in a position to design a floor plan, why not minimize bad bathroom energy from the very beginning so that you do not constantly have to deal with it? The same applies when you looking at several houses with different floor plans, be sure you know about potentially bad bathroom energy and know what to avoid. 

Feng Shui of A Bathroom Aligned with the Front Door

The direct alignment of the bathroom door with the front door is bad feng shui. In fact, any direct door alignment in a home or office creates challenging feng shui. Apply these 2 basic feng shui tips to create good energy in the main entry where the bathroom door is aligned with the front door.

Feng Shui of a Bathroom Above the Front Door

One of the concerns you might have with the feng shui of a new or existing house is a bathroom over the main entry. The main door is very important in feng shui.

A bathroom in the center of the house is usually considered bad feng shui. The center of the house is the heart of the space in feng shui, also called the yin-yang point.

Feng Shui Tips for A Bathroom in the Money Area

Here are some easy feng shui tips to help you deal with the challenge of having the bathroom in the feng shui money and abundance area.

Feng Shui of a Bathroom Above the Bedroom

A bathroom located above the bedroom is not the best feng shui set-up. An important factor to consider in looking for feng shui cures, in this case, is how busy the upstairs bathroom will be.

Feng Shui Cures for A Bathroom Door Facing the Kitchen

Having the kitchen and the bathroom doors face each other is very bad feng shui, indeed. One does not need to know much about feng shui to intuitively understand that this is not a good set-up for a healthy home.

A Bathroom (Water element) in A Metal Feng Shui Element Area

A bathroom in the West or Northwest Bagua areas is not bad, or worse feng shui, than a bathroom in any other feng shui Bagua area of the house. Bathrooms do have a predominant Water feng shui element energy that can weaken the Metal feng shui element.

Feng Shui of a Bathroom Door Aligned Your Bed

If your bathroom door is directly facing your bed, it is important to create an invisible (or visible!) division between the bathroom and the bedroom. Here are a couple ways you can do that with good feng shui in mind.

Should You Have Good Feng Shui in the Bathroom?

The fact that an area is challenging does not mean you do not take good care of it. It is important to understand is that bathrooms will always have a draining energy, no matter where they are located. By diminishing, or weakening the bagua area where the bathroom is located you are not helping, but making it worse.

Worst Feng Shui Bathroom Locations

While in many ways the bad feng shui reputation of the bathroom is justified, there are certainly better and worse feng shui areas to have a bathroom. As with everything feng shui, there are many layers to consider when assessing the bad feng shui of any bathroom; there are also many good feng shui tips you can implement to shift the energy and neutralize any negative impact of a challenging bathroom location.

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