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2024 Office Feng Shui Complete Guide Year Of Dragon

2024 Office Feng Shui Complete Guide Year Of Dragon

"Office Feng Shui" refers to improving employees' work efficiency and creativity by arranging the office environment and atmosphere. The following are explanations in two main aspects of office Feng Shui.

First: Seven key elements influencing office Feng Shui:

1. **Location:** The office should avoid busy areas such as stations and subway stations. Also, the office door should not directly face stairs or elevators.

2. **Lighting:** Office lighting should be bright and comfortable, avoiding excessive dimness or glare. Natural light or soft lighting can be used.

3. **Air:** The office's air quality should be good, avoiding odors or poor ventilation. Ventilation equipment and plants can be used to improve air quality.

4. **Color:** Office colors should be comfortable and natural, avoiding being too bright or monotonous. Different colors can be chosen based on the nature of the work.

5. **Layout:** The office layout should be reasonable, avoiding overcrowding or emptiness. Proper arrangement of furniture and decorations can achieve the best effect.

6. **Desk:** The desk should be placed stably, avoiding being near the door or window. Also, the desk should not be cluttered, maintaining cleanliness and simplicity.

7. **Plants:** Adding some plants to the office can improve air quality and beautify the environment.

Second: Seven considerations in office Feng Shui:

1. **Avoid Sharp-edged Furniture:** Sharp-edged furniture should be avoided in the office as it can generate negative energy. If necessary, plants or soft lighting can be used to alleviate this.

2. **Avoid Mirrors Reflecting the Door:** Avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the door, as it can lead to the loss of positive energy. If mirrors are necessary, they should be placed on the side of the door or in another location.

3. **Prohibit Worn-out Furniture:** Worn-out furniture in the office can affect the flow of positive energy and should be avoided. If necessary, repair or replace worn-out furniture promptly.

4. **Selection of Wall Decorations:** Wall decorations in the office should feature positive patterns such as beautiful scenery and harmonious images. Avoid overly complex or negatively symbolic patterns.

5. **Door Color:** The color of the office door should be chosen based on direction and color principles. For example, a door facing south should be red, and a door facing east should be green.

6. **Desk Placement:** The relationship between the desk's position and the door's opening direction forms an important factor in choosing the desk's location. For example, a door located in the southwest (Kun position), and the desk facing southeast (Xun position) forms a "Earth over Wind" hexagram, favorable for promotion.

7. **Location of Water Sources:** If there is a water source in the office, it should be placed away from the door or window to prevent the loss of positive energy. If necessary, it should be positioned far from entrances and windows.



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